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The Quest

Let us grow with our feet on the ground, opening to receive Higher blessings. In this way we experience ourselves as the total centre between heaven and earth.

Through opening our hearts, we can join the dance of life, as the true light we are.  Shining as this light we inspire others to brighten up – before we know it, we will be radiating as part of a light-web so brilliant, the whole earth will be bathed in this pure light!

Come find the light within you…

Imana’s role on this planet is to teach from personal experience.  Her life has shown her how to love herself unconditionally.  She is a shining example of how to live spirituality in everyday life.

She has been based in Nepal for the last twenty years,  where she has been working to allevate poverty and uplift the lives of Nepali people through charity work.

The name “Imana” came to her during a Vision Quest in Nepal, where she was guided to ‘change the shape of the old reality’.  She experienced that the Universe takes care of her and will always give her exactly what she needs.

Imana healed herself from Chron’s Disease, a physical illness considered incurable, which had been in her body and mind for 17 years.  Using SAM colour therapy, she cured herself and so began the part of her spiritual journey healing others.

The healing techniques of Reiki, Singing Bowls, Vipassana Meditation, 5-Rhythms Dance, Inner Dance, SheDance (a sacred dance meditation for women) and Shamanic Sound Journeys inevitably flooded into her life.  She blended these together and was soon teaching transformation workshops and giving healing sessions.

For over fifteen years, Imana has been offering  her spiritual wisdom to others:  guiding people to reconnect with their heart and to find the light of happiness within themselves.

Healing Sessions Europe, Summer 2019

Imana will be in Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland from May 2019 to September 2019 finding her way in balancing with her voice and the healing vibrations of the singing bowls. She will organise sessions with Inner Dance, Reiki, New Technologies working with...
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Singing Bowl Healing Course Pokhara Nepal

11-15 April 2019 Take a moment for yourself and go on a journey to learn to work with the singing bowls. Through healing techniques as Reiki, Healing Touch and chakra work, we can open our channels and energise and revitalise our chakras. This energy work is holistic....
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Energy School, Därligen, Switzerland

For the next weeks (from 9/07 till 4/08) you'll find me near Interlaken in Switzerland where I'll be holding space in the newly created Energy School of my dearest soul-sister Mukti. We'll do Vipassana and Inner Dance Retreats in a most beautiful environment,...
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Journey to Being: A Chakra & Tibetan Singing Bowls Retreat

Courses in January   I will be in Philippines in January and will be giving different courses throughout my stay. It will be held in  Puerto Princesa City, Philippines. Journey to Being: A Chakra & Tibetan Singing Bowls Retreat  is one of the many...
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