Imana will be in Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland from May 2019 to September 2019 finding her way in balancing with her voice and the healing vibrations of the singing bowls. She will organise sessions with Inner Dance, Reiki, New Technologies working with Life Energy and Nutrition to deepen your awakening and healing process.

Find Your Inner Voice

Freiberg, 27 April 2019

To express our voice, to use the voice and to make the voice vibrate is the aim of the workshop.Often blockages hide, negative experiences behind not trusting, pronouncing it out loud or expressing one’s own needs or singing in front of an audience etc.
Through her 15 years of experience, Imana gives singing bowl therapy – healings and training worldwide. During her 20 years long stay in Nepal, she was able to gather all kinds of experiences and connect with the traditional vibrations.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Training

Paris, 14-16 June 2019

This 3-day Healing Sound Journey is ideally suited for energy healers, yoga and meditation instructors, massage therapists, sound therapists, and anyone keen to explore healing power of the vibration of sound using ancient Seven Chakras Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Journey To Your Rainbow

Ardèche,  28 July – 4 August 2019

We are happy to take you through an experience of colors, through your rainbow. We invite you to take a trip with us through your chakras, enjoying a beautiful natural environment.
Chakras are places in your body that have, hold, collect, receive and transmit energy. You get all sorts of tips on how you can make more use of this so that you get better in your flow.
We bring you into contact with your energy centers through yoga, meditation, exercises, dance, movement, feeling, breathing and becoming aware.This way you can learn to live from your own strength. This course connects you to your essence and is a tool to bring “color” back into your life, in accordance with who you are.