2020 is truly a special year. As Imana got into lock-down in her favorite island Palawan in the Philippines, she started living her reality of ‘Coming into Being’ just by ‘Being’.

Every day connecting with the ocean and the trees and nature, practising vipassana & Reiki and holding space in a vision quest allowed her to explore the silence within. More and more she felt a deep gratitude for each moment, for each breath. 

It wasn’t all easy. Deciding not to go back to Europe brought a lot of disappointment to her family but it also helped her in releasing attachments and emotions, to shift into pure love vibration.

Imana’s thriving is to allow herself to be the best version of who she is. This means to shine the light through her veins, to sing out her truth, to guide others through showing her gratefulness for Life in all its facets, to work with frequencies and vibrations through Tibetan singing bowls, her crystal chalice, voice, Inner Dance and shamanic work.

Her daily practice is to find her β€˜midst’, to attune into her alignment, to find happiness in her heart and express and share this with her environment.

Her aim is to feel energy & vibrations through positive language, music and nature.

From September onwards Imana will be holding space in Bahay Kalipay where she will practise holistic sound vibration through meditation, sound journeys and healing workshops. 

From this year Imana will also be assisted by her spiritual twin-soul Suren, who masters the singing bowls, drum & jaw-harp.

Feel free to connect with Imana on-line, where you will be guided into your Authentic Self.

Please send mail to imanalightweb@gmail.com for further details.