These courses are created and guided so all interested can learn how to put spirituality into practice in their daily lives.  They share my experiences and exercises to develop awareness in living new energy.  They are created as a light web to support us connecting, from the heart, to earth & sky.  So we can come Home again to that place of Truth within us!

The courses can be carried out wherever you are in the world.  They are innovative in the way that you can follow the day’s routine and connect with the other participants in the non-physical.  You are free to follow the routine of the Light Course as it fits with your daily life.  You could do together with a friend, or alone as part of a vision quest.

An example of the day’s routine will be sent to you by email.  Follow up after the course will happen by email and/or skype.

The following sessions are available through skype:  Distance Reiki, Auric Cleansing / Healing Touch, Chakra Reading, Meditation / Breathing Exercises.


Sound Healing


The Sound Journey intends to help you to  release what no longer serves you and brings you back into a state of oneness and harmony. Using different instruments and my voice, guided by my indigenous ancestors and spirit guides, the sound can be used to clear energy…

A Shamanic Sound Journey is a personalized sound bath or sound immersion of 1,5 to 2 hours.

Chakra-Rainbow Course

 It’s easy to pick up a book and read about the chakras, but how much effect will this have on your life & your path? The Chakra course is designed to integrate ancient wisdom into your very being. It’s about breaking free from old, constrictive patterns of living and reconnecting with your inner Self, and discovering the happiness within…

Heart Course


We live in a wonderful world but somewhere along the way we forgot this. By reconnecting with our hearts, we naturally connect to the beauty of our lives. From this place, we are reunited with the dreams of our upper chakras. To manifest these visions in physical reality, we need to activate our lower chakras.


Usui Reiki Initation in the 4 levels of Reiki.
Learn how to be a Reiki practitioner, healing with Universal Energy.

The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past…

Holistic Healing Sessions

The “magic” is in you: we all are self-healers!

Singing Bowls session begins by bringing the recipient into a state of pure relaxation through Reiki, Cranial Sacral and Healing Touch.

The chakras are scanned through Healing Touch to discover any imbalances…..

SAM-Colour therapy is another astounding healing technique used to understand the deep meanings of things that happen to you in your everyday life.